About Julio

In the year 2000 I developed and introduced a unique and vibrant color metal etching style of painting.
A Hallmark of this cutting edge medium are brilliant colors, a pleasing high-tech finish and a quantum leap in durability.
The exquisite metal finished artworks offer unparalleled resistance to chipping scratching and fading. My art medium is also considerably less vulnerable to chemical and fire damage than the traditional medium. Because of the special techniques employed in generating the artwork, no copies or changes to the artwork can be made. Every artwork is as unique as a fingerprint.

For collectors, this new development provides an opportunity to secure unique and lasting works of art.
They may rest assured that they have the one and only original of these unique metal artworks.
My technique leans towards abstract art paintings combined with innovative metal sculptures.
I refer to this new method of painting as “The New Millennium Medium”